Your trusted plumber.

Your trusted plumber.

Your trusted plumber.

Plomberie Richard et Fils Inc. has acquired a solid skill set and reputation in the industrial sector. No matter the industry or scope of application, we are capable of completing your projects efficiently. Trust the experts at Plomberie Richard et Fils Inc.


temporary shutdown

Garanteed rapid execution in case of a shutdown

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Compressed air solutions

We repair all types of compressed air devices and offer various adjacent services such as:

  • Relocalisation
  • Modifications
  • Adding appliances
  • Custom design
  • Working with high and low pressure conduits

You have questions? Let our team of experts help guide you through the process.

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We work on all types of industrial and institutional machinery. Call us or ask for a quote using our contact form, in case of emergency or to book an annual plumbing inspection.

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Get our experts to inspect the premises as a preventive measure or in case of emergency.

Anticipate your annual inspections in advance, our team can also guide you through the process. Get your quote today!



Permet de geler un conduit sous pression lorsque:

  • Aucune valve ne fonctionne
  • Empêcher de devoir vider un gros réseau de tuyauterie (tour d'eau)

Vos tuyaux ont gelé? Laissez notre équipe en faire l'analyse en demandant votre soumission dès aujourd'hui.

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